The hormones and changes of pregnancy


If your partner feels like he needs to disappear and leave the house during your PMS days, he'd better be prepared for this. I have three times the hormones of a pregnant woman expecting one baby, so you can imagine how much my poor husband has to deal with.

Some days I couldn’t be more in love with him, I send a thousand texts and can’t wait to see him after work. Some others I get so angry at him for the silliest reasons - he once mentioned he needed to go on a diet and I went ballistic! Here am I, trying to cope with all the changes in my body – which are massive by the way – and there he is, whinging about the tiniest belly, talking to me about feeling fat?! Oh boy, I exploded completely ... poor guy!

And finally, some other days I just can’t stop crying ... or laughing ... both at the same time even!

The roller coaster you go through when pregnant is unbelievable. It was more than usual for me to feel all the above mentioned in the space of a couple of hours.

Sometimes I got so crazy I even mentioned things such as leaving the house, that I wasn’t good enough for this, that we shouldn’t be together...

some days I just can’t stop crying.. or laughing... feels insane... both at the same time even...

The important thing is to keep in mind this is hormones talking, and that your partner needs to learn to never take you seriously – but to show support and respect to your feelings. You'll need to work together and make sure things don’t blow out of proportion.

The good news is that eventually your body tends to get used to all the hormones and the massive mood swings start to happen less and less. Oh well, hopefully - I do know some women that were a bit insane the whole pregnancy... 

However, one thing I wasn’t aware of is that your partner might also go through some hormones as well. I wish I'd known that before so I would have given him a bit more support, instead of feeling that he didn’t even know how much I was suffering, or how dare he ignore MY needs first in such a delicate time for me! 

And did you know that your partner can even experience pregnancy symptoms like vomiting, nausea, indigestion, headaches and even the same crazy mood swings? It seems that this is called Couvade syndrome (from the French word couver, meaning 'to hatch'; also known as 'sympathetic pregnancy'). At the time I thought it was the typical man-flu, desperate for attention ... but I was very wrong and now that I know, I try to support him whenever it happens.


I researched a bit about it as my golden husband obviously had to have a bit of this bearing in mind our triplet condition - plus I should have expected that as he is also a sensitive full-hearted man (adorable man by the way, if you don’t mind me pointing that out here.)

Now back to the condition: it is basically a sympathetic pregnancy and some studies seems to point that 20 per cent of expectant fathers will experience some degree of Couvade syndrome. Good news is that it goes away – just like ours ... and hopefully we will all be more sane again once the babies come into this world. I can’t wait!

Yeah, it seems this is a roller coaster journey for both of us, and gladly we are a supportive couple so things weren’t that hard - despite all the silly things I felt and said.

My main recommendation is to just be aware that hormones are powerful, and be prepared to have a bit more patience than usual. Both of you!