The hilarious yet informative website every parent-to-be needs to see


Most pregnancy books use fruit to compare to the size of the growing baby. You start off with a grape and end up with a watermelon. It might be old-fashioned, but it is a practical way for parents-to-be to track the pregnancy.

But now there is a more entertaining way for pregnant women to see how the baby is tracking: the Babysizer website uses everyday objects to size the baby as it develops.

The folks at Babysizer wanted to make the process of baby tracking more fun, so they introduced objects such as scoops of ice cream, Starbucks lattes and Spongebob Squarepants to size the baby.

Parents-to-be can choose a menu of sizing, including 'cravings' (food items), 'facts' (size in inches/cm and grams), 'geeky' (computer game and sci-fi items), and 'manly' (items from around the home).

12 weeks pregnant

Speaking to the Huffington Post, the website founder explained it all started during his wife's pregnancy. "On the first day of each pregnancy week, we would check the size of our baby in multiple pregnancy apps and sites to compare our baby to a fruit."

Eventually they created a list of items that better reflect the average size of a baby each week.

"The list was meant to entertain myself during the pregnancy, but it quickly became apparent that Babysizer was helpful to other expectant parents," he said.

17 weeks pregnant

The creative dad who started the website notes that the comparisons are based on the average foetal length from crown to rump (head to bottom), although "it's common to measure babies from crown to heel (head to toe) instead of crown to rump beginning in the 20th week of pregnancy".

"But this makes things kind of confusing as you are now picturing your cute little one not curled up in foetal position inside you, but standing up straight as a stick," he said.

39 weeks pregnant

Of course, these days there are other creative ways to size your baby. Pregnant zoo keeper Jennifer Dew decided to track her pregnancy a different way: with animals.

"The fruit size comparison was a little difficult for me to visualise," she told TODAY.

"So many fruits vary in size – I mean, I've seen small pomegranates and big pomegranates. And, I'm sorry, but how can my baby be the size of a banana?"

Dew posed photos of her bump with different animals to make the comparison. The series proved so cute that it went viral. We're not sure bump photos with Frappuccino's will be quite so sweet – even if they do have extra caramel.