Pregnant zoo keeper compares size of baby to cute animals in unique photos

Jennifer Dew at (left to right): 22 weeks, 26 week and 31 weeks.
Jennifer Dew at (left to right): 22 weeks, 26 week and 31 weeks.  Photo: Instagram/JenniferDew

We've all seen those pregnancy books where the growing foetus is compared with fruit. It's all very cute when the baby is mango sized, but a bit of a worry when you near the final stretch (watermelon!).

But pregnant zoo keeper Jennifer Dew decided to track her pregnancy a different way: with animals.

Speaking to TODAY Parents, Dew said she wanted a way to imagine her baby as "the fruit size comparison was a little difficult for me to visualise".

"So many fruits vary in size – I mean, I've seen small pomegranates and big pomegranates. And, I'm sorry, but how can my baby be the size of a banana?" Dew joked.

So when she found an app that compared foetus size to "weird but cute" animals she was inspired to take her own pictures.

She now uses the weight of each animal to compare it to the size of her unborn baby girl. 

"It's cool to be holding an animal and realise, 'Wow, this is how heavy she is right now'," said the Columbus Zoo worker.

"It makes the whole experience more real for me and I feel more connected to her as a result."


In the first picture, Dew held a rat in front of her tummy. "Baby Dew is roughly the size of Rufus the rat," she captions along with hashtags #19weeks and #ratsarecool.

Other pictures include a python, a turtle, a possum, a bushbaby and a ferret. All the animals are the approximate size and weight of the growing baby.

Unsurprisingly, the pictures have gone viral as other parents-to-be compare their own growing foetuses to the critters.

The photos aren't just a way for Dew to track her baby, either: her love of animals definitely plays a part. "One of my goals in life is to connect people with wildlife. Each creature is so unique and important to our planet. It's been fun to showcase them in comparison to a huge, life-changing event happening to me."

"Not only do I get excited to share details about our baby, but I also get the opportunity to share some of the animals I love and care about from the zoo."

Dew also hopes that the photos will help her daughter bond with animals. "I hope that, through these pictures and all the other crazy life experiences she will have, I'm able to instil in her a love for others, no matter the species," she says.