Nine months in six seconds: new parents' Vine clip a hit

Stills from "The 9 Month Vine" by @origiful & @artiste.
Stills from "The 9 Month Vine" by @origiful & @artiste. Photo: Vine/origiful

We’ve seen some memorable time-lapse pregnancy and birth announcement videos before (you can watch the viral 'From Bump to Buzz' video right here). Now one new couple has taken it to the extreme, capturing nine months of pregnancy and the baby’s arrival in just a six-second Vine video.

Ian Padgham and his wife Claire Pasquier recorded about two frames per month throughout the pregnancy, then pieced it together into one short clip. 

“It was a fun way to capture the progress,” Padgham told BuzzFeed.

“We would watch the draft coming together as the pregnancy progressed.”

The social media app Vine allows users to post and share short videos – the clips last only six seconds. The program also shows how many times the video has looped since being loaded to the site, and "The 9 Month Vine" has now shown more than 10 million times.    

Days before posting the pregnancy video, the proud dad shared a Vine of his newborn holding a finger, captioning it, “I’m the happiest man alive”. Aww!