Incredible video shows baby rolling in the womb

There's a lot happening in there.
There's a lot happening in there.  Photo: YouTube

There's no doubt pregnancy is a very special time – but it can also bring some rather interesting changes to the body, too.

And as one YouTube video has shown, it can also lead to some amazing visuals.

A short clip posted by user 'John Deadman' shows a baby turning in her mother's womb, her limbs clearly visible through his mum's stomach, at 39 weeks.

Commenters have largely been shocked by the video, with many saying it's "creepy".

"That was ... disturbing. And so real. Like, there's a real, fully formed baby in there," one wrote.

Others used it as a learning experience. "I can't promise anything, but in my experience, movement as pronounced as this is very rare. Usually you can see some flutters from the outside, and nothing more. The feeling inside is a different story - it might feel like a TON of movement. Every pregnancy and baby is unique," another posted. 

And one mum wrote, "This is literally the coolest thing I have seen in my entire life. It's so surreal to feel your baby moving inside - but it's such a blessing!"