Gifts for the mum-to-be or new mother who has everything

gift pregnant
gift pregnant 

Onesies, bibs, blankets, toys, rattles, nappies and bottles; you name it, anything you can think of as a gift for a pregnant woman or new mum, someone else has too. In addition, the nursery has probably already been fully kitted out and decorated.

So in order to be a little bit different and think somewhat outside the usual gift box, why not give one of the following to the pregnant woman or new mum who seemingly has it all?

Night nurse voucher

While this gift may not necessarily be greeted with as much joy as the unwrapping of a fluffy bunny, I can pretty much guarantee that in a few weeks time it will be hugged to the heart much closer. An expectant parent will very quickly understand the joy of this gift once their newborn arrives, and appreciate it more than ever after weeks of interrupted sleep, no down time, and no couple time.  

Plus, with a variety of different gift voucher options available for purchase, with services ranging from a babysitter for a few hours through to a luxury overnight babysitting service, there's something for every budget and every need.

Hire a cleaner

For most of us, cleaning is a chore at the best of times. But add into the mix a brand new baby that's not only producing what feels like a mountain of additional washing while also sucking you dry of any last remaining cleaning motivation, you very quickly have the ingredients for a messy house. So imagine the delight for any new mum when she's got the solution at her fingertips:an all-expenses paid cleaner. 

Whether it be a one-off visit or a schedule of a few visits over those first few weeks or months of the baby’s life, this gift will be greatly appreciated. After all, no one wants to clean a bathroom when they could be sleeping, right? 

Clothes in bigger sizes


(NB: Technically this is something not exactly for the mum-to-be, but chances are it will still be appreciated!) 

While it's really nice for any expectant mum to unwrap a variety of cutesy outfits in a variety of different colours with cutesy matching hats, socks and blankets, the reality is that those cutesy outfits will only last a very short time. The other reality is that, if you are anything like me, the baby will never get to wear half of the outfits before he has grown too big for them (seemingly overnight) - and thus a beautiful array of clothes will be left in a drawer to look lovely, yet serve no purpose.

So although at the time of purchase it may seem somewhat practical and boring to buy an outfit in a size 1, or even bigger, it will definitely be appreciated. And in the grand scheme of a child’s growth, it will likely get more wear than the cute onesie you're desperate to buy. 

Frozen meals

Cooking - or even thinking about food that requires any kind of preparation in general - would be right up there on any new mum's list of ‘things I hate doing right now’. 

Therefore, turning up to any new mum’s house armed with a few homemade frozen meals will not only mean you'll be a much welcomed visitor at pretty much any time of day, but will also ensure that your gift will seen as practical AND thoughtful.  

Photography session

Despite the fact that we live in an age in which we have the technology to be able to snap photos on any given day or at any given time, there's still nothing nicer than a professional photo shoot. A photo shoot that not only captures a new ‘family’ unit in its infancy, but also gives the new mum a keepsake for the future. One day she can look back and appreciate how beautiful and glowing she was as she moved into the role of motherhood.

By gifting and organising a photo shoot at a convenient time, you'll not only be helping your friend to arrange something that can feel insurmountable (in the first few weeks or months of life with a new baby, at least), but you'll also be giving a gift that will last a lifetime. 

Other gift ideas 

  • Restaurant/take-away food vouchers
  • A night in a hotel
  • Baby Whisperer vouchers
  • Ironing service
  • A selection of your favourite books as a child
  • Offers to babysit while she gets out (perhaps while she gets her first post-baby haircut, or goes out with her partner for a few hours) 

Do you have another gift ideas for a new mum or pregnant woman? Share them in the comments below.