'From bump to Buzz' pregnancy video goes viral

Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher was welcomed into the world by proud parents Giovanna and Tom Fletcher on March 13 – but not before his parents made this very sweet video during the pregnancy.

In the video, Giovanna progresses through nine months of her pregnancy in the time-lapse video, while her husband Tom, from the UK band McFly, performs his song ‘Something New’.

The song centres on changes in life and being ready for the next step, with lyrics such as: “I predict a summer isn’t very long/ then before you know it, we’re singing Christmas songs/ then we get another April, May and June/ I think I’m ready for something new.” 

As the song winds down, he sings, “I guess I’m ready, I think I’m ready, I hope I’m ready for something new” – just as Giovanna reenters with their newborn son.

The video has been a huge hit on YouTube, where it has been seen more than 3 million times since being posted on March 20.

It’s not the first viral hit for the couple: in October last year, they shared a Halloween clip of them carving pumpkins and singing a song together. At the song’s end, they turn the pumpkins around to reveal the words ‘We’re having a baby’, followed by a scan picture of baby Buzz. Watch it below.