Four more to adore for Melbourne mum

Kristie Hopkins in an update on her '4 More to Adore' page. (Source: Facebook)
Kristie Hopkins in an update on her '4 More to Adore' page. (Source: Facebook) 

Kristie Hoskins set up a Facebook page ''4 More to Adore'' in order to keep friends abreast of some surprising news - she was pregnant with quadruplets. But she was even more surprised when the site gained supporters in their thousands.

With her site nudging 20,000 ''likes'', the 34-year-old Melbourne mum is kept busy replying to messages of support while also caring for her other children - she already has two sons, Jet, 16, and Alex, 10, from a previous relationship, as well as Jaydon, 2, with her current partner, Simon Gregory. 

Learning she was pregnant with multiples was a shock - Kristie had wanted a daughter so had decided to try for one more baby. Then, she wrote on her Facebook page, she was told at a scan that she was having twins. "I started to cry a little. Twins are cool, we can do that, I thought. Then [the doctor said] 'And there is a third one!' I think my mind stopped working when he said that! I got soooo lost driving home from that appointment. All I could think was 3 babies, yikes!" she wrote in a post.

The babies at their 16 week scan ... Kristie commented: "All babies are doing fantastic!" (Source: Facebook)
The babies at their 16 week scan ... Kristie commented: "All babies are doing fantastic!" (Source: Facebook) 

"I got in the next day for another ultrasound and that's when the lady said 'No, it's four, not three!' I cried and asked her to stop counting. I was scared to have anymore ultrasounds after that in case the number got higher."

Since creating the Facebook page on May 18, Kristie has been shocked by how many followers her page has received, saying, "I thought I might get 100 followers. It's pretty amazing, and a bit weird." It has attracted hundreds of posts, mostly from mothers and women hoping to fall pregnant.

The latter are curious: did the couple have IVF assistance? They didn't, although Kristie did have an injection to induce ovulation. Professor William Ledger, acting clinical head of reproductive medicine at the Royal Hospital for Women in Melbourne, said the chances of a multiple pregnancy increased when women used ovulation induction to conceive.

"This method is closer to nature, it's less expensive and less invasive than IVF, but it's also difficult to get the dose exactly right so it is harder to control, and is more likely to result in multiple births," he said.

Even still, he says, these cases are rare: only one or two sets of quadruplets are born in Australia every year. 

Reaching the 24-week mark on Wednesday, Kristie shared with fans: "How am I celebrating? Eating Indian, watching Dora and annoying the Australian Multiple Birth Association with questions like 'how many singlets do I need in a day for 4 babies?' ... The answer: one or two per day, per baby, and more if the child is 'a chucker'."


Two months earlier, she had posted images of the babies at their 16-week scan. "All measuring perfectly and growing really well, docs are happy with my progress and even say if I keep going so well I might not have to go to hospital early!," she wrote. "Feel so relieved to see everything is going just like it should and that all our bubbas are just perfect." 

Donations have flooded in to help the family, with items such as a pram, feeding pillows, birthing classes, baby blankets and toys. But it's not all for Kristie, who has planned a baby shower for charity on Sunday, August 11.

The event will feature fundraising stalls, a raffle, a sausage sizzle, and entertainment for children. All money raised will go to The Royal Women's Hospital, where her babies will be born; HeartKids, who were called on to operate on Jet as a seven-week-old; and the Miracle Babies Foundation, because the family "are about to have some miracle babies of our own".

She has set a fund-raising target of $5000 per cause. 

"My friends think I'm crazy," she said of relinquishing the gifts.

"I've always liked the idea of having a charity event, and now I am able to take advantage of my story for a good cause."

About half of quadruplets are born before 32 weeks, but Ms Hoskins is hopeful of holding out.

A women's magazine has purchased exclusive rights to the brood.

Check out the 4 More to Adore Facebook page for updates on Kristie's pregnancy, and more information on the charity baby shower.