Dressing for pregnancy in 'the awkward stage'

Pregnant mum Anna Guy
Pregnant mum Anna Guy 

I am now at that awkward stage of pregnancy where I am getting too big for my "normal" clothes but am not quite big enough to fit pregnancy clothes just yet – even though my pants are starting to cut off circulation and my tops are getting tighter and shorter. 

As I talk to others in the same predicament, I realise I'm not alone. So I'm on a mission to find something to wear for right now.

I got all excited thinking I could go shopping for new clothes, but as I began to look around I realised this might be harder than I thought. It's not just my tummy that's expanding; I'm becoming thicker everywhere else too. And I'm not really feeling properly pregnant, more like I've eaten too many pies.

I had to think about what I really needed. I can't afford to buy different size clothes for every stage of my pregnancy, and I won't be in them for long anyway.

Luckily, the fashion at the moment is bigger, looser, longer tops which are easy to find at the moment. These always go well with narrow pants. But with this beautiful weather I think I’ll need shorts soon!

I find it's better to spend more on bottoms rather than tops; usually classic styles work well. I bought a blazer the other day that is cornflower blue and it will see me through. A blazer dresses up any outfit and is a huge trend at the moment.

I decided online shopping was not for me (being vertically challenged, I need to try things on). So my first stop was a maternity store – really only because it was the first shop that I knew had maternity clothes! It was beautifully laid out, I could easily find pants and tops and everything in between. The issue is, however, to find clothes for right now.

So I started with pants, and there were so many to choose from! I ended up trying on some denim jeans, they looked like something I would usually wear. I couldn't even tell they were maternity pants until I spotted the adjustable waistband like the kids have on their pants. It's not like I'll be back in my pre-pregnancy gear as soon as I have the baby, so I know I'll be thrashing these. They were the same price as a normal pair of jeans but I decided the more I wear them the cheaper they get!

Maternity tops were a little harder. A lot of them were for bigger tummies, and I seemed to look like I was swimming in the few I tried on. But I did manage to find a blue and white stripe short sleeve top which was fantastic; it had a bit more length than a normal top and good stretch.

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What are your ideas and tips for dressing at this stage of pregnancy?