Couple's explosive gender reveal

The box that broke the happy news.
The box that broke the happy news.  Photo: Anna Elizabeth Photography

When a member of the US Army Special Forces and his fiancee learnt they were expecting, they knew they wanted to do something original to find out the sex of their baby.

So after some brainstorming, Keith Batchelder and Jamie Indiveri came across a truly unique gender reveal involving Tannerite (an explosive used in target practice), a rifle, and a box of coloured chalk.

A friend of the couple found out the baby's gender and planned the event, which was held in a woodland in their local area of Navarre, Florida.  

The announcement.
The announcement.  Photo: Anna Elizabeth Photography

Batchelder was given the task of shooting the box with his rifle to make the chalk explode in a cloud of colour – blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

"His friends and teammates in Special Forces, who are all highly trained in advanced marksmanship, would never had let him live it down if he missed!" Indiveri told Buzzfeed.

There was no need to worry – the dad-to-be hit the target on his first shot, with blue clouds soon filling the air, creating a magical and unusual gender announcement that was brilliantly captured by Anna Elizabeth Photography.

The couple were thrilled to learn they are expecting a boy, adding that they are"truly blessed and over the moon excited to meet [their] little man!"

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