An extra surprising gender reveal party

Happy surprise: Desiree and Ryan Fortin.
Happy surprise: Desiree and Ryan Fortin. Photo: YouTube

Gender reveal parties always involve a surprise, but guests at one US couple's celebration got more exciting news than they expected.

Friends and family of Desiree and Ryan Fortin knew the couple were expecting twins. As they arrived at the party, each guest had a guess at which boy/girl combination they thought the babies would be.

The plan was for the babies' gender to be confirmed by the colour of the balloons contained in two large cardboard boxes.

The couple opened the boxes and blue balloons rose out of both revealing they were expecting two boys. 

Then Mr Fortin informed the crowd that none of their guesses had been right.

"What if I told you you were all wrong?" Mr Fortin said.

"We're actually having triplets!"


At that point a third box was wheeled out.

Family and friends cried tears of surprise and joy when pink balloons inside the additional box revealed that the couple's third baby was a girl.

"Our girl is going to be Charlize Hope," Mr Fortin said. "And her two protectors are going to be Sawyer Reed and Jax Ryan."

The cute clip has been viewed almost 1.5 million times since the couple uploaded it to YouTube last week.

The celebration comes after the couple battled with fertility for many years before falling pregnant thanks to IVF.