Woman vetoes baby name after discovering it's after a 'sexy comic book character'

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There are many reasons a couple may not be able to agree on a name for their unborn baby - but the desire of one parent-to-be to name the baby after a sexy cartoon character has to be one of the more unusual disputes.  

One woman, who is pregnant with a little girl, is currently in a stand off with her husband and posted to Reddit to explain the dilemma. The woman said her fiance's surname is Frost, and he's insisting on the baby being called Emma.

"He brought up the name Emma for her before and I thought nothing of it and said I don't really like the name," the mum-to-be explained. "But he seemed to push and say it's a perfect match for Frost."

However, admitting she was 'suspicious' about how insistent he was about the moniker, she googled the name, revealing that it was actually a Marvel Comics character from the X-Men series.

"I told him I didn't like how he didn't tell me what the name was from and didn't want to name my daughter after a comic book character," she said.

"He got mad and went on a rant about how she's his daughter too and he gets a say," she continued. "I told him no way that name is gonna fly."

Since their argument, the woman's fiance has now rejected every name she's suggested, not agreeing to anything other than Emma.

"I think at this point he's doing it just because he's stubborn," she wrote angrily.

Emma Frost from X-Men.

Emma Frost from X-Men. Photo: Marvel.com


His family is now getting involved, with her fiance's brother even messaging her telling her she's an 'a--hole' not to even consider it, because she's 'not a bad character' in the series.

"His brother is usually the more level headed one of them so it has had me thinking about it more," she admitted, asking others if she did the wrong thing.

Many Redditers agreed that it was a sexualised character, but were more concerned with the fact that he wasn't willing to compromise.

"Emma Frost is HIGHLY sexualised and was a villain for a very long time," one user said. "Not a cute name for a baby."

"You said no to this one name and he's being a petulant child about it," one user responded. "He should have a say, but he's not saying anything, just disagreeing with every name you suggest because he's being petty."

"Naming a kid is the decision of BOTH parents," another pointed out. "He's imposing a name and refusing to even discuss alternatives."