We're rich, baby! Top 10 baby names for billionaires revealed

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If being rich is important to you, then you might want to consider giving your baby a head start in the money-making stakes by giving them a top 10 name from the world's 500 billionaires rich list.

While the idea that a name could open doors to an illustrious career in wealth accumulation might seem a little far-fetched, luxury site HushHush.com - dubbed "The 'Amazon' for Millionaires" - has revealed the top 10 billionaire baby names in the world, and there might just be something to it.

And no, the name Richie is nowhere to be seen. In fact it's John and Mary that top the list, plus their variations such as Johnny, Jonathan, Marie and Maria.

This is not statistically surprising considering they are two of the most common names in all of history. However, it's down the list a little where things get more interesting, especially for aspiring female billionaires.

Victoria comes in at number five and Abigail at number seven. Who knew MacKenzie would make the top 10? She comes in at number nine because of MacKenzie Bezos who has a net worth of nearly US$40 billion.

Luckily for multicultural Australian parents, the names span different languages.

We can see the financial clout of China with Wang coming in at number four for males, and there's Mohammed at number nine which is popular in Middle Eastern countries where billionaires abound. The European spellings of Sofie and Sofia are also notable.

HushHush suggests that targeted name selection gives a child "...the best start in life."

Just how did they come up with this information?


HushHush explains, that they "analysed internal data, as well as public information such as the Sunday Times Rich List, to highlight the names most common among billionaires. The list includes multiple names of technology tycoons and business moguls, such as John, Bill, Judy and Ann, as well as many other traditional names."

So without further adieu, here then are top names for each sex after an analysis of 500 billionaires.


  1. John/Jonathan/Jonny 
  2. David/Dave
  3. Thomas/Tommy/Tom
  4. Wang 
  5. Bill/Billy 
  6. Charles/Charlie
  7. Michael/Mike/Mikey
  8. Robert/Robbie
  9. Mohammed
  10. Jim/Jimmy


  1. Marie/Maria/Mary
  2. Judy/Judith
  3. Sofia/Sofie
  4. Ann/Anna/Annie
  5. Victoria/Vicky/Tori
  6. Elizabeth/Beth/Lizzie
  7. Abigail/Abby/Abbie
  8. Kim
  9. MacKenzie
  10. Kirsten

HushHush also produced a top 10 for millionaires, where names such as Edward, William, Alice and Kate came came out on top.

Though really, if we are going to this properly, let's shoot for the stars and stick with the billionaires!