Watch the most important golf shot of this dad-to-be's life

Pink or blue? The golf ball held the answer.
Pink or blue? The golf ball held the answer.  Photo: Twitter

Remember when parents used to be boring and just say, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" – as regular spoken words coming out of their mouths? These days there are myriad ways to perform an entertaining gender reveal to announce it to the world, but US couple Lauren and Peter Burns have hit on something new.

The couple performed their gender reveal on California's famous Pebble Beach Golf Course, capturing the entire event on video and sharing it on Twitter.

Peter's tweet read, "The biggest shot of my life. #7 at Pebble Beach. #GenderReveal."

The video shows Peter, who works as an ESPN presenter, placing his ball on a tee next to an excited Lauren, who is jumping up and down. Peter is dressed in a pink shirt, and Lauren is dressed in blue. Peter later told Today this was because he predicted they would be having a girl, but Lauren predicted a boy.

The golf ball Peter is about to hit isn't any regular golf ball. Although it looks like an ordinary white golf ball on the outside, it's designed to release a coloured puff of smoke when struck by the golf club – pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

Lauren and Peter had two balls made: one filled with pink dust and one filled with blue dust. They then gave the two balls to Lauren's doctor, who handed them back one ball that would reveal their baby's gender.

In the video, Peter squares up to the tee, swings his club and takes his shot. The ball releases a bright pink cloud into the air, revealing their baby is a girl.

Lauren runs over to Peter and the couple hug, and Peter punches the air with excitement.

Peter came up with the creative gender reveal when he saw a baseball player do something similar with baseballs. The mad golfer told Lauren earlier in their relationship that if they ever had a child and she wanted to do a gender reveal, he wanted it to be a golf one.

And now those wanting to do something fresh and new for their gender reveal have the bar set a little bit higher.