Three white balloons at gender reveal party will touch your heart

For some people, the road to parenthood is a rough one, and when they finally carry a viable pregnancy, a very special kind of celebration is in order.

For one Dallas couple, a gender reveal party was enough to celebrate the new life they had created after so much heartache. They entrusted the baby's gender to friend Tiniki Thomas so she could arrange some balloons in a box to be opened at the party.

Little did Angela and her husband know that Tiniki had arranged something extra special for the pair. Get out the tissues and watch what happens as Angela pulls out three white balloons, in honour of their three angel babies.

A note hangs from the trio of balloons to explain their significance: Tiniki reveals that the couple had experienced two late term miscarriages. In addition, Angela's sister had also had one, so three balloons were arranged.

"This family at the time had dealt with 3 miscarriages late in pregnancy, 2 with the couple and 1 with the sister. It took a lot to get them where they were that day. So emotions were at a all time high," Tiniki wrote on YouTube when sharing the sweet clip.

The reveal finishes with a magnificent expectant mum made entirely from balloons. Angela pops the large belly balloon and is showered in smaller pink balloons.

"They expected the box but we decided to put a twist to it, with the balloon mommy reveal while letting them know the other babies have not been forgotten."

We do love a reveal that honours the journey that people travel to get their much-wanted babies.