The top 10 'luckiest' baby names of 2020 have been revealed

The top names meaning 'lucky' for 2020 revealed.
The top names meaning 'lucky' for 2020 revealed. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's been a rough year, so it's no wonder parents are seeking out monikers meaning 'luck' and 'happiness' in 2020!

To help parents out in their quest, examined Nameberry's Top Baby Names of 2020 to determine names that are most likely bring hope, luck and good fortune.

According to their research, the luckiest girl's name is Iris – which derives from the Greek word 'iris' meaning rainbow. Rainbows have long been associated with good luck, particularly in Irish mythology, as highlighted in the fable that the end of a rainbow is where pots of gold are hidden.

Evangeline was the second luckiest girl's name, which is also derived from Greek mythology. The name means 'bearer of good news', which could be a popular option as we get to the end of 2020; who isn't in need of that?

Rounding off the top three for the lucky girls was Beatrice. The gorgeous name is rooted in Italian and Latin and means 'she who brings happiness; blessed'. 

For lucky boys, Asher is the most popular choice. The Hebrew name means 'happiness and joy'. Felix was another popular choice, the Latin name meaning 'happy' or 'lucky', followed by Quinn. 

The team also surveyed 3,428 parents to get to the bottom of why prosperous names are so popular.

Some 78 percent of parents said they'd consider giving their kids a lucky name. And a whopping 94 per cent of these said they believed that giving their baby a name with connotations of good luck may help them later in life.

Meanwhile, other reasons included because the names sounded 'pretty' (23 per cent), following trends (15 per cent), liking the meaning behind the name (14 per cent), and being superstitious (4 per cent).


For the naysayers, reasons included because the names are not unique enough (38 per cent), it's 'cringey' (31 per cent) and they 'don't like the connotations behind them' (25 per cent).

Check out the top 10 luckiest boys and girls names below.

Who wouldn't want to give their baby a lucky moniker?

Who wouldn't want to give their baby a lucky moniker? Photo: Getty/iStock

Luckiest girls' names for 2020

1. Iris – Derived from the Greek word Iris, meaning rainbow

2. Evangeline – Has Greek origin, meaning 'bearer of good news'

3. Beatrice – 'She who brings happiness; blessed' in Latin

4. Jade – A precious green stone transmitting wisdom, clarity, justice and courage

5. Kiara – 'Bright' or 'light' in Italian and 'God's precious gift' in Hindi

6. Felicity – Derived from Latin word Felicitas, meaning 'luck, good fortune'

7. Winfred – 'Friend of Peace'

8. Clover – A traditional symbol of good luck and prosperity, particularly when found with four leaves

9. Octavia – Derives from Latin Octavus, meaning 8 – which is a lucky number in many cultures and represents infinity

10. Amber – derived from the Arabic, Ambar, which means jewel.

Luckiest boys' names for 2020

1. Asher – Strong religious connotations such as happiness and joy, or blessings in abundance

2. Felix – Derives from Latin, meaning happy or lucky

3. Quinn – Irish Gaelic origin, meaning sense and intelligence

4. Chance – Often found in Middle English to mean good fortune

5. Bennett – Stems from Latin and means blessed

6. Edmund – Meaning prosperity and riches

7. Benedict – Derives from the Late Latin name Benedictus, meaning blessed

8. Fisher – Meaning 'fisherman', linked with superstitions

9. Seven – Has English origin meaning inner wisdom

10. Arley – Rooted in American and Hebrew meaning promise