'The smell makes me spew': Husband refuses to give up beer to help pregnant wife

The smell of beer makes her sick.
The smell of beer makes her sick. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pregnancy hormones can affect you in wild and weird ways - with many women finding that certain smells or foods that normally wouldn't be an issue, now make them sick.

One woman, who is 35-weeks-pregnant and expecting twins, found out her biggest aversion is something her husband isn't willing to give up - beer.

Posting to Reddit, the mum-to-be said her pregnancy hasn't been terrible, although particular smells make her feel ill.

"I've developed an aversion to certain smells which my husband and I just avoided," she explained. "But recently another smell has been added to this list: beer. The faintest smell of it makes me spew."

"The problem is that my husband loves to have a beer or two on most nights," she continued, saying she didn't think it would be a problem because she's been going to bed early.  

However, she wakes up when he comes to bed, claiming she can still smell the beer on him.

"I can smell that he has brushed his teeth and he showers at night but I swear to god there are beer fumes coming out of his pores," she complained. "And it makes me spew. So I'm up for hours again spewing and then trying to go back to sleep."

"My husband says I'm overly sensitive as his sister and my brother have both smell tested him after two beers and they say they can't smell anything," she continued. "I feel like I'm crazy but I swear he reeks of beer and I just can't handle it."

Understandably, the woman doesn't want to be up all night vomiting; so asked him to stop drinking beers for the rest of her pregnancy or sleep in the guest room. However, her husband was not on board with this idea.


"He doesn't want to sleep in the guest room because the bed isn't as comfortable and said if it's that bad I was welcome to sleep there," she wrote. "But see, I am a whale and yes the bed in our bedroom is more comfortable and I don't want to give up that little remaining piece of comfort."

"He also says that making him give up beer is unreasonable," she said, leaving it up to Redditers to give their two cents. "So, we are at an impasse."

Reddit users assured the woman she was not being unreasonable by asking her husband to stop drinking beer, expressing their concern at his coping mechanisms, if he wasn't willing to give up drinking for even a week or two.

"If he thinks you're lying about being able to smell the beer, he could always try not drinking one night to see if you still puke," one user suggested.

"It sounds like he has some unhealthy coping mechanisms, and I'm concerned about how this will translate to fatherhood."

"So you can give up alcohol and your actual body for nine months but he can't give up the beer for a short space of time?" another user said incredulously. "He's most definitely the a--hole here."