The 'self-protecting' dummy is here

A self-protecting dummy is here.
A self-protecting dummy is here. Photo: Shutterstock

If you've ever had to stick your baby's dummy in your mouth to clean it after they've dropped it/thrown it on the floor, then you'll appreciate the latest in pacifier technology, brought to you by two mums.

Introducing "The Pop", an engineered nipple, which pops back into its protective bubble when it hits the ground. 

Yep, it pops when it drops.

"You won't have to worry about washing it when you're out and about—and, since it's 100 per cent silicone and dishwasher safe, you might even have time to sit down and relax for a few minutes," the website tells us.

The dummies featured on an episode of Shark Tank in the US, which saw co founders Nicki Radzely and Janna Badger walk away with a $250,000 deal.

And while they do ship to Australia, they're not cheap - $AUD 28.68 for a pack of two. That's a $15 dummy, about twice what you'd pay for most brands on the market. 

According to the founders, the dummies come in an "ethereal selection of shades that are opposites but somehow complementary.

"We liken it to the hues you may see in a dream," they note.


Like most dummies, they need to be replaced approximately every two months.

Dreamy shades aside, reviewers seem to be split down the middle -  although Kylie Jenner is a fan.

"This is my go to baby shower gift," wrote one mum. "The colours are amazing, the design is so cool, perfect for mums who don't want to give their home decor over to Fisher Price. I love that the nipple pops into the bubble when it hits the floor."

"Doesn't work!" reads another one-star review. " Won't pop when it drops on the floor. .. and it's not easy to pull it out to stay in the pacifier position."

With that in mind, if you want to give them a try you can visit.

Who knows, these ethereal nipples might just be worth every penny ...