The once-popular baby names almost no one is using

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The 80s and 90s might still be popular music-wise, but when it comes to baby names, those which were once top-of-the-pops, have hit rock bottom.

While we suspect it's a global phenomenon when it comes to english-speaking nations, Channel Mum has analysed the recently-released UK baby names statistics to reveal a list of names no one is using anymore.

Despite the hit TV series Friends still being on people's radar with 25th anniversary nostalgia now making the rounds, it seems the names of the characters have fallen out of favour when it comes to the current crop of largely millennial parents.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), only three babies were named Chandler and 42 babies named Ross, which sank from 1,150 namings in 1996 to just 42 in 2018. Just 31 baby girls were bestowed with the name Monica.

Other names adversely affected by famous bearers might be Piers (controversial UK broadcaster), Tammy (influencer Tammy Hembrow), Niles (butler from tv show The Nanny), Isis (Islamic State acronym), and Reese (Witherspoon).

The rest - especially Jeff, Melvyn, Graeme, Greg, Ken, Brett, Tracy, Carol, Donna and Kelly - simply seem irrevocably outmoded, though no doubt the very coolest of hipsters could probably see their way to reviving them. 

While people are leaving old TV series baby names in the past, there are strong signs that names from current hot TV shows are swaying parents.

A statistician from the Office for National Statistics reported a huge upswing in the popularity of names Ada and Arthur, who are both characters from Peaky Blinders.

"Arthur surged into the top 10 boys' names for the first time since the 1920s, and Ada jumped into the girls' top 100 for the first time in a century too, both perhaps inspired by characters in the BBC TV drama Peaky Blinders."


This list of 30 once-popular baby names are now given to fewer than one child a week and in many cases, literally no-one used the name last year.

Unpopular boys' names

Jeff / Geoff - 0

Melvyn - 0

Graeme - 0

Piers - 0

Greg - 0

Ken - 3

Clive - 3

Chandler - 3

Niles - 4

Kirk – 4

Ainsley – 5

McCauley – 5

Brett - 8

Grant – 14

Ross - 42

Unpopular girls' names

Isis - 0

Tammy - 0

Justine - 0

Tracy - 0

Norma – 3

Carol - 4

Leoni / Leigh - 4

Marlene - 5

Donna - 6

Reese - 6

Rowena - 6

Kelly - 22

Carly – 27

Monica - 31

Ashley - 42