New survey reveals the naughtiest (and nicest) baby names

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It's coming up to the festive season when we start talking about who's been naughty and who's been nice! So of course, it's also time to learn which baby names belong to the very naughtiest and nicest children.

In its tongue-in-cheek annual survey, UK site My Nametags has teamed up with CensusWide to analyse the responses of 1,500 parents, teachers and kids to establish the lists.

They were asked to rank the top 20 baby names according to their perception of whether they were naughty or nice.

Australia has a lot of crossover in the most popular baby names lists, so it's fair to say that the perceptions wouldn't be all that different here.

Jack and Mia came in at number one for boys and girls respectively, with Harry and Ella in second place.

Jack attracted a whopping 23 per cent of the votes for being the most likely to cause mischief.

Charlie and Ella came in third, with Oliver and Amelia in fourth place and George and Sophia in fifth.

Naughtiest boys

1. Jack

2. Harry


3. Charlie

4. Oliver

5. George

Further down the list, Harry, Connor, Daniel, Riley and Tyler featured as most likely to misbehave.

Naughtiest girls

1. Mia

2. Ella

3. Isabella

4. Amelia

5. Sophia

Now what about the 'nicest' boys and girls? Plum position goes to Arthur and Isla, with second spot to Noah and Ava.

Third nicest were Oscar and Grace, with Muhammad and Olivia in fourth place. Fifth were Leo and Emily.

Of course it's all in fun with no malice intended. After all, there are probably some very disgruntled Islas and Arthurs who quite enjoy making a nuisance of themselves and wouldn't like to be on the 'nice' list.

Nicest boys

1. Arthur

2. Noah

3. Oscar

4. Muhammad

5. Leo

Nicest girls

1. Isla

2. Ava

3. Grace

4. Olivia

5. Emily

Managing director at My Nametags, Lars Andersen, claims that a person's first name "can really paint a picture of what they are like."

"It was interesting to discover that these stereotypes are formed from a young age, with children and adults quick to make judgements about children based on their first name alone."

For new parents-to-be, perceptions of a name can make naming a baby difficult.

"These beliefs can make the difficult task of naming a child even more challenging, but we hope that our research will help give expectant parents an insight into society's opinions of the most popular boys and girls names in the UK right now."