The names of the 'naughtiest and nicest' kids names revealed for 2020

The naughtiest and nicest names have been revealed.
The naughtiest and nicest names have been revealed. Photo: iStock

There's no doubt about it, some kids are a little naughtier than their classmates. But are some names nicer or naughtier than others?

With Santa visiting households tonight, UK sticker company School Stickers revealed their top 20  naughty and nice names for boys and girls.

The business looked at 27,000 UK school kids, who received more than 467,000 awards at school. They analysed the personalised stickers to see who won the most awards.

Topping the nice names list for girls are Chloe, Emily and Sophie, whereas Jack, Daniel and Joshua are the names of the nicest boys.

If you've got a Laura, Eleanor,  Daisy, Adam, Joseph, Charlie they're sure to keep you on your toes - they top the 'naughty' list of names.

But Managing Director of School Stickers Neil Hodges assured parents the list is just a bit of festive fun and if your kids' names appear on the 'naughty' list don't rush to change the troublesome monikers just yet.

"All schools reward differently, with some giving out hundreds, and some thousands of rewards," he said after last years 'naughty or nice' reveal. "So there is about as much accuracy to this as if Rudolf had written it."

Check out the full list below:

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock Photo: iStock/Getty


Santa's Nice List:


  • Chloe
  • Emily
  • Sophie
  • Jessica
  • Megan
  • Lucy
  • Hannah
  • Amy
  • Lauren
  • Katie


  • Jack
  • Daniel
  • Joshua
  • Harry
  • James
  • Thomas
  • Samuel
  • Luke
  • William
  • Benjamin

Santa's Naughty List:

  • Laura
  • Eleanor
  • Daisy
  • Anna
  • Ruby
  • Isabelle
  • Elizabeth
  • Alice
  • Georgia


  • Adam
  • Joseph
  • Charlie
  • Callum
  • Ben
  • Jacob
  • Matthew
  • Ryan
  • Ethan
  • Oliver