The most popular baby names for 2019 have been revealed

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Drum roll, please.

Babycentre has released its annual most popular baby names list.

And apparently, Australians like to stick with a firm favourite for boys and get a little more adventurous with the girls. According to Babycentre, "this year's list reflects how fickle Australian parents can be in their choices."

While there are still a whole lot of little Aussie babies to be born in December, the majority of 2019 babies have already been born and named. 

Here is the much-anticipated list! 

The top five

Last year Ava was number one for girls, however she has been toppled from her perch by Amelia, who came in at number one for 2019.

Second was Isla, followed by Charlotte, Ava and Olivia - all mainstays of the national top ten.

For boys, Oliver kept his very stable crown, followed by fellow top ten stalwarts Noah, Leo, Lucas and Jack.

The movers and shakers

The biggest risers for girls were Kiara, which rose 32 places to sit at 66, Ariana, which climbed 24 places, now at 53, and Stella, which also rose 24 places to rest at a 73 placing.


For boys, the number one hottest riser was the traditional favourite of past generations, Michael, which rose 40 places from last year to place at 56 - perhaps a Stranger Things influence thanks to actor Finn Wolfhard's Mike? 

Arthur rose 36 places, coming in at number 48. Ezra is also on the climb, rising 29 places to sit at 71.

Louis landed at 42 - a 24-place increase on last year, thanks no doubt to the adorable little prince.

The names losing steam

The names which experienced the sharpest drop in popularity were for boys, Asher (-34 places), Darcy (-32), and Nate (-28), and for girls, Alexis (-38), Thea (-37), and Billie (-27).

The comeback kids

Of those names making the strongest resurgences for boys, Babycentre wrote, "After dipping out of the chart completely last year, Hamish, Owen, Dominic, Fletcher, Phoenix and Alex reappeared in the top 100 this year. Felix and Luke also made a surprise comeback after a two-year hiatus."

Other boys names that were new to the top 100 this year were Christian, River, Mateo, Miles, Owen and Kobe.

For girls, the newcomers included Maggie, Sadie, Hallie, Everly, Lara, Eden, Nora and Remi.

Top 20 for girls

1. Amelia

2. Isla

3. Charlotte

4. Ava

5. Olivia

6. Mia

7. Lily

8. Willow

9. Sophia

10. Zoe

11. Evie

12. Ivy

13. Harper

14. Ella

15. Ruby

16. Isabella

17. Layla

18. Isabelle

19. Matilda

20. Chloe

Top 20 for boys

1. Oliver

2. Noah

3. Leo

4. Lucas

5. Jack

6. Charlie

7. William

8. Henry

9. Luca

10. Thomas

11. Jackson

12. Liam

13. Mason

14. Max

15. Elijah

16. Harrison

17. Hunter

18. Hudson

19. Ethan

20. James

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