The moment a gender reveal party goes very wrong

Pink or blue balloons were supposed to reveal the gender of the Krummels' baby.
Pink or blue balloons were supposed to reveal the gender of the Krummels' baby.  Photo: Inside Edition

There's no doubt gender reveal parties are a fun way for family, friends and the parents-to-be to find out whether a baby boy or baby girl is on the way.

But the success of the big reveal relies on getting all the details exactly right - just ask Joe and Leela Krummel.

The US couple invited 30 friends and family members to their Minneapolis home for a gender reveal party recently.

"We wanted it to be a surprise for everybody, and that's where the problem originated," Joe explained to

"In retrospect, we should have given the information to a friend."

The Krummels wanted their unborn baby's gender to be revealed when they opened a big box which would release either pink or blue balloons. They plan was that everyone would be surprised at the moment of the reveal, so the couple was determined that nobody at the party would know what colour balloons were inside the box until it was opened.

With that in mind, the couple handed the envelope their doctor gave them containing the gender of their unborn baby directly to staff at the balloon store.

Somehow a mix-up or misunderstanding followed.


Unfortunately the store's mistake was not discovered until the moment the excited couple opened the box to find out if they would soon have a son or a daughter. Instead of pink or blue, the balloons that rose out of the box were rainbow coloured. 

A video of the moment shows the couple's disappointment and confusion when they opened the box.

"We were both really upset about it," Joe said. "We went from being really upset and sad, to furious."

The couple then found the doctor's note stating the gender of the baby under a flap of the cardboard box, and discovered they were having a boy.

In a bid to cheer up the disappointed parents-to-be, party guests pulled together whatever blue decorations they could find and placed them inside the box and taped it up again.

While opening the box the second time around was not quite as exciting given they knew what colour was inside, the Krummels were thankful for the efforts of their family and friends.

"It was nice to have all those close friends and family with us to guide us along and help us through it," Joe explained to

"It's definitely something people will never forget."

There is no doubt staff at the balloon store in question will be a lot more careful next time they get an order for a box of gender reveal balloons.