The double dip gender reveal party

Twice the surprise; twice the fun.
Twice the surprise; twice the fun. 

The most entertaining gender reveals are the ones with a twist and this one is no exception, with double the fun for guests. Canadian newlyweds Brittany and Timothy Amos discovered they were pregnant last year and decided to host a gender reveal party for their loved ones.

The party was held on January 8 and it all began routinely enough with food, photos and small talk, and a guessing game written on paper, where the guests placed their bets on the baby's gender. Then the couple opened a box to pull out a bunch of blue balloons to reveal they are expecting a boy.

Watch the video for what happens next:

That's right, there's the twist; Timothy unzipped his hoodie to reveal a custom made t-shirt saying 'Real men make twins,' with the audience taking a few moments to process what they were reading.

With hoots and screams of delight, a second box is brought to the couple who open it to announce they'll be having a pigeon pair; a boy and a girl.

Congratulations to the happy couple!