The best gender reveals of 2015

Shock and awe: gender reveals are exciting stuff.
Shock and awe: gender reveals are exciting stuff.  Photo: YouTube

Gender reveal cakes and parties have become very popular in recent years, but some eclipse others in the excitement factor.

We've picked the top three gender reveals of 2015 - click to read each article to find out what makes these so special.

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1. Mother of six sons finds out the gender of her seventh baby


Imagine it. You have six sons. SIX. And you've thrown a gender reveal party to discover the gender of your seventh child ...

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2. Couple travels rough road to become parents


When Monique Tello and Steven Statter decided to announce the gender of their baby, they knew they wanted to do something unique. The result was beautifully memorable.

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3. Guests get more than they bargained for at this gender reveal


Guests were asked to guess what gender the unborn twins were - but there was a twist. 

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4. Sister just a little bit excited at 20-week scan

Jill invited her sister along to find out what the gender was of the child, only to be shocked when she sees two babies in there.

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