The 20 most endangered baby names

The 20 most endangered baby names.
The 20 most endangered baby names. Photo: iStock

Like clothes, names dip in and out of fashion.

According to McCrindle research, some of the vintage names that entered the top 100 in 2020 for girls include Sadie and Madeleine, whereas old fashioned names proved to be more popular for boys, with Felix, Ezra, Fletcher and Billy making a comeback.

While some monikers rise in the rankings, others are falling off the charts completely with some people worrying these 'endangered' names may not be seen again for some time.

UK site Flowercard examined data from a 2019 Office of National Statics report on baby names, and identified the names most likely to die out.

According to their research, the most 'endangered' girls' name is Kirsty, which saw a 99.24 per cent drop since 2000 - with only four babies being given that name in the UK in 2019.

The other names that dropped in popularity include Lauren, Shannon, Jordan, Shauna and Courtney.

Mitchell was the most 'at-risk' name for a boy - with just 21 babies being given the moniker in the UK in 2019 compared to 639 in 2000.

Kieran also saw a significant drop, going from 2,586 in 2000 to 119 last year.

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Top 10 'Endangered' Girls Names:

1. Kirsty

2. Jordan

3. Shauna

4. Shannon

5. Courtney

6. Lauren

7. Gemma

8. Jodie

9. Jade

10. Natasha

Top 10 'Endangered' Boys Names:

1. Mitchell

2. Kieran

3. Ross

4. Brandon

5. Craig

6. Ben

7. Jordan

8. Callum

9. Kyle

10. Scott