Choosing a baby bath

Laundry tub... ? Kitchen sink... ?
Laundry tub... ? Kitchen sink... ? 

The most important thing to consider when choosing a baby bath is what best suits your needs in terms of the space in your home and the baby bath’s safety features that will make bathing your baby as secure and stress-free as possible.

Firstly will you be bathing them in the bathroom or laundry, or in a room where there is a high enough surface so you don’t have to strain your back while leaning over? The kitchen sink is not recommended as babies may eliminate waste while being bathed and bathwater should not be emptied into any sink where there may be a possibility of contact with food or dishes. Some baby bath tubs have stands that can raise the height so there’s no need to bend over but you should always follow the manufacturer's recommended guidelines when using a bath stand.

Some bathtubs come exactly as they are, while others can be folded away or hung in a wardrobe, which can be handy for mums and dads that live in apartments or houses without an adult bathtub, or when travelling. There are also change tables that can be used as a bathtub for your baby, although these aren’t very portable.

Other baby bathtubs are made to bathe your baby in from infancy into their toddler years which can be a good investment, where space can be partitioned to stop a baby from sliding around in the early days and gradually removed as your baby grows.

A non-skid surface on the bottom of the tub is essential to ensure there is traction, to assist you with keeping control of your slippery baby. Ideally the tub should also be semi-reclining so your baby is upright but comfortable at the same time. Some tubs are contoured to sit the shape of your baby’s body while others come with a baby mesh sling, baby seat or a soft insert.

Baby bathtubs that have a plug on the floor of the tub can make it easier to empty bath water from a tub over a sink or in the tub in the family bathroom but make sure it is flat and without any protrusions that could be abrasive on your baby’s delicate skin.

Some baby baths come with a temperature indicator that give parents peace of mind by ensuring the bath water isn’t too hot or cold.

Features such as rinse hoses that are attached to the sink, and indentation marks to place supplies such as baby cleansers, are also useful.

Some newer baby bath tubs are even fancier, with technology that helps to keep the water warm the entire time your baby is in the bath, and the new Euro Baby Bathtub even has a unique design that prevents your baby from being able to slip under the water!

Most baby baths are made of polypropylene plastic, which is non-toxic, and durable but light to carry and simple to keep clean with soap and water, which will help your baby bath tub last as long as possible, for your first baby and any others that follow!

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