Baby Clothing Checklist - Summer baby

Buying clothes and dressing up your new baby is one of life’s true pleasures for most mums, there is just something about those tiny little outfits that’s irresistible! You will also find many friends and relatives give clothing for their gift, so you will end up with a fully stocked wardrobe on your arrival home from hospital. But here are the basics you should buy in the lead up to your babies birth.

6 - 8 Growsuits
Cotton growsuits (or jumpsuits) are the most comfortable and practical choice for everyday wear. They allow your baby to move freely and can be worn both during the day and as pyjamas. Cotton is the best fabric option as it’s soft and breathable.

6-8 Singlets/Body suits
In hotter weather short sleeved body suits that do up under the crotch are ideal for everyday wear and on cooler days they can be worn underneath clothes instead of a singlet.

2  x Cardigans/Jackets
Babies lose body temperature faster than adults so still need to be kept warm on milder days. Jackets that button up are better than jumpers, to prevent having to pull them over your baby’s head.
6 x Booties or Socks
4 - 6 Bibs
2 – 3 Sun Hats
4 - 8 Various wraps, cotton blankets and muslins


Choosing the right sized clothing can be confusing, as it varies with each brand. Some brands will label 0000 as 0-3 months and some 000. It also greatly depends on how big your baby is at each stage, rather than how old they are, so it’s best not to over stock too far in advance to prevent having your baby outgrow their clothes before they’ve even been worn. The size you will need for your newborn can also depend on how big they are at birth, for example a 2 kilo baby will need 0000 whereas as 4 kilo baby will be in 00 before too long. So it’s a good idea to buy a few items in each size before the birth and then buy more of the appropriate size afterwards. 

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