Consider these baby names if you want your offspring to earn good money

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Can you name affect how much you earn? According to the experts at, it can make a whole lot of difference.

The online resume provider looked at the most popular baby names in Britain from the year 2000 and rated them using a "value my name" tool. The tool records graduate salaries and connects it to christian names of the graduates.

And if you want to give your child the name with highest earning power when they leave university, then David and Lily should be on your radar. 

According to the data, university graduates named David earn an average of £41,617 ($AU75,000). However the results showed a huge discrepancy between what males and females earned, with the most successful female graduate name Lily earning just £30,821 ($AU55,800).

After David on the list of male top earning Generation Z boy names came Charles, which on average earned around £40,890 ($AU73,800) a year. After Charles, Alex, Robert,  Michael,  James,  Joe,  Edward,  George and Ben rounded out the top ten graduate earner names.  

On the girls' list, after Lily came Anna, at £30,522 ($AU55,000) and Elizabeth, at £29,882 ($AU53,900). Sarah, Rachel, Alexandra, Niamh, Laura, Ella, Emma were the other the most financially successful girls' names.

Meanwhile, there were some surprising names on the lowest graduate earners list, which included popular names which also appeared in the top 100 baby names in the UK this year.

The bottom graduate earning names included the popular Jack £29,738 ($AU53,600) and Conner £24,471 ($AU44,100). The lowest earner listed as Reece, on average earning £22,952 ($AU41,300).

The lowest earners girls names included Chelsea, earning on average £21,044 ($AU37, 900) and Paige, on £20,190 ($AU36,400).

Menno Olsthoorn, a spokesperson from told FEMAIL it was interesting to see how much a name can influence a salary.

"The idea that your name can influence your success is really interesting" she said. "When we hear a certain name we associate it with different experiences, whether good or bad".