Revealed: the most searched for baby names of 2020

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It's only April, but website Nameberry has released a list of its most searched baby names so far for 2020 - and, thankfully, they are not Covid or Corona. 

Luna tops the girls' name list, perhaps thanks to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's adorable daughter, and Asher is number one for boys. 

According to Nameberry, the name Cora could have lost its previous years popularity due to its similarity to Corona. Three new girl names made the top list - Ava, Eloise and Eleanor replaced Ada, Cora and Amelia.

Last year's most searched for boys' name, Milo, dropped to number two being replaced by Asher. There were three new boys' names added to the list: Arlo, Leo and Levi. Meanwhile Archie, the name of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son, fell completely off the top 10 searched for boys' names.

Nameberry noted some other trends they'd spotted so far, including names beginning with vowels for both sexes and two syllable names.

The most popular consonant for boys' names was L, with 11 of the 100 top names beginning with it.

"Luna is not the only popular name containing the Lu sound" Nameberry notes saying the combination is "popular for both genders in the top baby names 2020". M was another popular consonant for girls, including 'Em' combinations.

Nameberry calculates the top ten lists based on which names attracted the most views on their website, these are global name trends.

Here is what they found: 


Top 10 Girl Names 2020

1.       Luna

2.       Aurora

3.       Maeve

4.       Olivia

5.       Isla

6.       Ava 

7.       Charlotte

8.       Ophelia

9.       Eloise 

10.   Eleanor 

Top 10 Boy Names 2020

1.       Asher

2.       Milo

3.       Oliver

4.       Levi 

5.       Silas

6.       Atticus

7.       Theodore

8.       Jasper

9.       Leo 

10.    Arlo