Photographer surprises couple with rainbow baby shoot

The Lamances weren't aware that photographer Brit NIcole had planned a special surprise for them.
The Lamances weren't aware that photographer Brit NIcole had planned a special surprise for them. Photo: Facebook/Brit Nicole

Pregnancy after loss can be a difficult and tense time, despite the joy that a new pregnancy can bring. After the miracle of conceiving a third time after losing their first baby to an ectopic pregnancy, one couple's photographer gave them a beautiful rainbow surprise they'll never forget.

Jacob and Britni Lamance were eight weeks along with their first baby when they were told she had a suspected ectopic pregnancy. At 10 weeks, Britni had her left Fallopian tube removed after being rushed to surgery. With only her right Fallopian tube left, Britni knew it was going to be difficult to conceive again and that there was a chance it might not be possible at all.

In a supremely lucky stroke, she fell pregnant again straight after her surgery, which led to the birth of their son Jameson.

Despite the high odds of them not being successful, they decided to try to fall pregnant a third time. Britni says they tried for five months before another miracle baby - named Wrightly Jane - came along.

"Knowing that my eggs can no longer come from my left side because of my first ectopic pregnancy, I know they can only come from my right ovary. Because of this, Wrightly is my 'right' baby, hence the name Wrightly," Britni told Popsugar Moms.

Photographer Brit Nicole had photographed their Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding in 2015, so she was chosen for their maternity shoot -  and that's when the accomplished photographer arranged an incredible surprise for Jacob and Britni. As they posed, bright rainbow-coloured smoke was released into the air around them in picturesque Palo Duro Canyon in Texas.

"Everyone who has gone through devastation like this deserves an epic photo and reminder that there is always hope through the storm," says Brit Nicole.

"The rainbow smoke bomb photo was a surprise to them and I didn't tell them about it at the time, just because I knew how much it meant for them to have babies off one tube."