People share the 'silliest' reasons they dislike particular names: 'Rhymes with puke'

Do you have a trivial reason for not liking a name?
Do you have a trivial reason for not liking a name? Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's easy to work out names that people love — a casual glance at the baby name charts reveal the most popular monikers.

While love for a name can be immediate, others conjure up images so horrible you never want to revisit them again.

And while some people have very legitimate reasons to dislike certain names, it turns out many people feel disdain for much more basic and irrational reasons, such as... what they rhyme with.

One Reddit user decided to see how many perfectly lovely monikers out there are disliked, asking users to share the 'trivial' reasons they don't like certain names. 

"Ever since I realised 'lice' was in Alice I don't like it anymore - even though it's not pronounced that way I'll never look at it the same!" the Reddit user confessed.

"Same goes for 'retch' in Gretchen," they added, before asking: "What are your silliest, most trivial reasons for disliking a name?"​

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"My name is Kyle. Kyler makes me feel like my name isn't good enough. What next? Kylest?"



"Florence sounds like "floor rinse" to me. I love it in theory, but can't get past that."


"My husband likes the name Violet for our baby girl. Our friends and family really love it too and it seems to be pretty popular now. Sometimes I think I like it too and it's in serious contention for our daughter's name, but at the same time I'm stuck on the fact that it reminds me of the word 'violent.'"

"It's so close, just one letter off and I don't know if I can shake the connection. We have a middle name picked out, Josephine, and when I put it together I hear 'Violent Josephine.'"


"Lucas rhymes with mucous and I just cannot get over it."


"I know most kids probably won't notice it is "Anal" backwards, but I can't unsee it!"


"When you say the name Cora your mouth looks like a butthole."


​"Nickname: Lu-B."


"In a similar vein, Luke rhymes with puke."


"Isabelle is very much the beginning of a question, and with certain last names, a legit and full length question."

"Isabelle Brown=Is a bell brown? Same with Isabella. Isabella Cooke=Is a bell a cook? Every time I hear a name like this, I immediately say it in my head this way and shrug to myself."


"Colin is so easily mispronounced into colon."


​"Ophelia reminds me of peodophilia."


"I love the sound of Margot but written I can only see maggot."


"The name Jeremy sounds too much like germ-y. I've always had an unnecessary hatred of the name."


"I love the name Lydia but hate that it rhymes with an STD."


"The name Rochelle can easily be pronounced as roach hell."