'Over the top': woman upsets mother for 'fixing' spelling of her name

Emily's mother was upset that she changed her name.
Emily's mother was upset that she changed her name. Photo: Getty Images

Would you change your name if you didn't like it?

One woman, called Emily posted on the Reddit thread Am I The A—hole, asked users if she was in the wrong for changing the spelling of her name, due its complicated spelling.

In the post she explained that she 'fixed' the spelling of her name, which was previously spelled 'Emma-Leigh Izobel' to 'Emily Isabelle' but didn't tell her family.

She continued saying that before changing her name, she mostly went by 'Em' rather than 'Emma-Leigh' because the spelling confused people.

"Mum likes unique names, and yes my siblings have similarly weird names," she wrote. "Yes, the hyphen in my first name was a pain in the ass, and yes, I always had to spell it out for people."

Emily continued saying she changed her name for professional purposes, saying "I felt my old name wasn't suited for a more serious setting."

"Also, I was tired of people spelling it wrong," she added.  "I've spent the last however long changing all my other legal/personal stuff to the new, correct name."

However, when she did eventually tell her mother, she didn't take it well.

She felt the spelling was too complicated.

She felt the spelling was too complicated. Photo: Getty Images


"She was actually very emotional," she said, with her sister chiming in to say she shouldn't have changed it and it wasn't a very nice thing to do to her mum.  

"My mother is acting a bit over the top in my opinion and I don't see how this is a huge deal, since the name is the same just spelled differently," she pointed out.

Most Redditers didn't think the user did anything wrong, as the name is still the same, it's just spelled in a more conventional way now.

"You have to live with the name, not your mum," one user pointed out. "Plus, the changes are mostly spelling rather than sound, so it's not like it's changed anything drastic about what she calls you."

"I don't think people choosing these 'unique' names really give much thought to how it will affect their kids for the rest of their lives," observed another.

Other users agreed that the poster was well within their rights for changing the spelling, especially as lot of them didn't realise that's how it was meant to be pronounced.

"I imagine OP (original poster) has spent her entire life being called the wrong name," one comment read, with other users agreeing.

"Seriously that name, as it was spelled before, was a tragedeig," joked another.