Nine things we can learn from Awkward Pregnancy Photos

Having a baby is one of life’s most important milestones. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. For those reasons, many expectant couples choose a photoshoot in the last trimester of pregnancy to capture this special time.

But if Awkward Family Photos has taught us anything, it’s that good intentions can often go horribly, hilariously wrong. Case in point: Awkward Pregnancy Photos. We’ve put a selection of the worst in the photogallery above.

Here’s nine things to consider when shooting a pregnancy photo.

1.    Do you know the photographer? Have you seen their work? Are they likely to position you awkwardly between two children wearing gridiron masks? It pays to ask to see a portfolio.

2.    Involving your partner might seem like a lovely idea, but stay away from any cutesy ideas – like matching his beer belly with your mummy tummy.

3.    Your belly is the star of the show. Props are unnecessary and in some cases, just off-putting. Guns and watermelons are best avoided, as is body-paint.

4.    Choose classic, simple attire and make-up. Nothing dates a photo more than clothes.

5.    If you choose to drape yourself in fabric, that shiny mermaid material is your placenta talking. It won’t work. Plain black or white fabric can be used effectively, but experiment first.

6.    If you choose to go nude, make sure you agree with your photographer about how much flesh you want to show, and which positions will be the most tasteful. You want to be able to show the photos off, right?

7.    If this is not your first pregnancy, it can be a nice idea to have your children in the photo. There is no need for them to do anything special other than sit next to you and smile.

8.    Many amateur photographers are enthusiastic about special effects. In most cases, these are best avoided.

9.    If you thought a pregnancy photo might make a nice Christmas card, re-consider. Not everyone may feel comfortable with your semi-naked body on display on their mantelpiece.