'My sister-in-law stole my baby name for her cat'

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There are many reasons why people decide not to reveal their baby names ahead of the birth; one of them being so others don't "steal" their chosen moniker.

This is exactly what happened to one mother-to-be when her sister-in-law decided to use the baby name she'd chosen for her baby girl … for her own daughter's kitten.

"I'm seven months along and from the start I had names picked," the mum-to-be wrote on Reddit, saying her and her partner had decided on Charlotte Olivia when they found out she was having a girl.

"Charlotte was my great grandmothers name," the mother-to-be wrote, explaining that she didn't know her that well "but she was my grandmother's hero".

"My sister in law knew of my plans," she continued. "It was her daughter's birthday last week and we all visited, and it turns out she got her five-year-old a kitten!"

"What was this kittens name? Charlotte," the upset woman said. "I don't even think it sounds right on a cat but that's my biased opinion."

Understandably, she was upset when she heard the news.

The woman was upset when she found out.

The woman was upset when she found out. Photo: iStock

"I couldn't help it and in the heat of the moment cried, I left the room but it was too late and mostly everyone saw," she said, saying her sister-in-law knew of her name plans and it felt spiteful.


"We've changed the name to Caroline although I'm not as happy with the name," she sadly wrote. "I've been getting texts from my SIL and brothers saying I'm an a--hole for turning my niece's birthday into something toxic and that it's just a name and I'm being manipulative."

"I haven't texted back because I'm hurt," she explained, before asking the forum if they thought she was in the wrong for being upset.

Reddit users agreed that she should just name her daughter Charlotte, as they'd had the name picked out for a while.

"Name your daughter Charlotte Olivia," one Reddit user said firmly. "If anyone comments that SIL (sister-in-law) has a cat by that name, just laugh it off and say that it did seem strange she'd pick that name for a pet cat, knowing that you'd already picked it for your daughter."

"Oh, and NTA (not the a—hole) for crying," added another. "Dude, you're seven months pregnant and you were trying to leave the room and just didn't make it."