Mum-to-be furious after husband 'laughs' at and bans her top baby name

The woman was furious with her husband for laughing at her suggestion.
The woman was furious with her husband for laughing at her suggestion. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Finding a baby name that you and your partner both like can be hard work, and it can be especially hurtful when a meaningful name you really love is laughed at.

One man did just that when his wife suggested a name, taking to theĀ Reddit community for their take on the situation.

The man explained that he and his wife live in America, and his wife is Egyptian.

"My wife is very proud of her Egyptian roots and has tried her best to include it into our day to day life, from food to the design of our house," he wrote, saying he enjoys learning about her culture, finding Egyptian mythology particularly interesting.

"My wife came to me yesterday with the great news that she was pregnant, which is amazing cause we have been trying so hard to have a child," the excited dad-to-be said. "We immediately started talking about child names, cause who doesn't am I right?"

The man said he suggested some names he liked, such as Arthur, after his grandad, or Rosemary after his late mum.

"My wife respectfully listened to some of my names but it was clear she did not like them," he said. "Which is her right as a mother and the carrier of my child, so I asked her for her ideas."

Although he said he could tell his wife wanted an Egyptian name for their child, he wasn't prepared for some of the ones she suggested and didn't react the way she had thought.

"She listed some names of the [Egyptian] Gods such as Ra, Osiris," he listed. "I listened with a straight face and interest but then I started laughing when she mentioned the name ISIS if the child is a girl, after the goddess."


"Now I know why she chose the name, I am not that dumb, but I do not approve of that name as it is frowned upon here in America, where we currently live and planned our future in," he explained.

"I'm sure in Egypt it is a common name but again, we do not live there and not many Americans are familiar with the meaning of the name, only associating it with the terrorists."

The dad-to-be admitted he could tell his wife was furious with how he reacted.

"My wife clearly did not like the fact that I was laughing at the name, but I told her that she should have known that picking a name like that for our child is not the smartest choice," he wrote. "But I had to put my foot down as the father and tell her under no circumstances can we name our child ISIS."

Although some users said they can understand why he doesn't think it's a 'good' name choice, it was the way he reacted that was most hurtful.

"Agree. It's maybe not the best name for today's environment, but there are better ways to approach the conversation," one user pointed out.

"It's a jerk move to laugh," agreed another. "The name sounds fine to her because she has Egyptian roots and Isis was a goddess for thousands of years before the acronym became associated with terrorists."

"OP's concerns are obviously valid but there was such a better way to handle his and hooting with laughter wasn't it."