Mum's video nails our hilarious ideals before having a baby

 Photo: Getty Images

Remember what a perfect parent you used to be - you know, before you had kids? Didn't we all have grand plans of being patient, always remaining calm, feeding our kids organic unicorn salad, and never ever yelling?

Then we actually had kids and, although we're doing the best we can, we can all admit that we have moments that show are aren't quite the perfect parents we thought we'd be.

That before-kids ideal is captured perfectly by Tova Leigh in her new video What People Say Before Having Kids. In the short clip, Tova calls out some of the ridiculously idealistic things we all said before we had kids. And the results are hilarious.

Most of us will either remember coming out with these gems ourselves, or even better, we'll know someone who doesn't have kids yet, who says stuff like:

"My kids are not going to be sitting in front of the TV."

"I'm never going to give my kids junk food or sweets."

"My kids are never going to throw tantrums in public."

"I'm going to be a super cool parent!"

Leigh has heard non-parents say all this, and so much more. And her response to all of this? Well, she doesn't have many words, just a whole lot of uncontrollable laughter.

The video clearly resonated with parents everywhere, with the video being viewed on Facebook 376,000 times in just 24 hours.

"I'm guilty of saying a lot of these!" said one. And Leigh responded, "We all have!"

It's not that you become an amoral monster when you have kids, it's just that raising kids is 10,000 times harder than any of us ever thought it would be, so we do our best and "perfect" flies out the window. That's something we can all relate to.