Mum stunned after sister 'shames' pregnancy announcement - because it was done by text

The woman texted her sister about her pregnancy but didn't hear back.
The woman texted her sister about her pregnancy but didn't hear back. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

When you get good news, it's normal to want to share it with someone immediately.

One woman, ecstatic when she found out she was pregnant, wanted to share the news with her sister. The problem was, her sister didn't acknowledge her good news… for a year.

Posting to Reddit, the woman explained that her and her half-sister are nine years apart in age, sharing a dad. However she wasn't around much when she was younger, often 'disappearing' for long periods of time.

"If I stopped reaching out I wouldn't hear from her," she said. "I once tested this and didn't hear from her for the better part of a year before I caved and texted her."

Although assuring people her sister is 'not an unkind person', she said they have a great relationship—when it's convenient for her.

"She's super sweet, and kind, and generous," the woman insisted, although admitted that if she's 'not physically in her life, she just don't fit into it.'

Although she's always been forgiving of her sisters' flakiness, she took it too far with her response (or lack of) to her pregnancy news.

"Last summer I found out I was pregnant. I called my sister and she didn't pick up," she wrote.

"Usually it would take her forever to return a call, if at all, so to pique interest I sent a link to the ultrasound photos from my appointment by text and excitedly waited," she said, although she wasn't expecting it to take as long as it did for her to respond.

The woman was hurt by her sisters' response.

The woman was hurt by her sisters' response. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"A day later she replied," the mum continued. "Her response was anger that I would tell her about my pregnancy by text."

"I felt ashamed. And embarrassed. But also mad," she confessed, saying she wasn't only mad that it took her awhile to respond, but also mad at herself for 'caring so much about telling someone my happy news who didn't care.'

"I didn't reply," the upset woman said. "And the longer I didn't reply the harder it got to reply. She never followed up or said another word either. So, there it sat for months of silence."

When she was eight months pregnant, the woman decided to text her sister to see how she was dealing with the ongoing pandemic. She messaged back a few days later saying she's "fine" but didn't ask how she was or how her pregnancy was going.

"I was hurt again and didn't respond," she said. "My son was born the next month and I didn't even bother to tell her."

The silence continued for even longer, with her sister texting her to invite her to her nephew's graduation party but neglected to ask how her newborn was.

Finally, a couple of months later she messaged again to say she was disappointed she didn't come to the graduation but asked how the baby was. At this point, her son was four-months-old.

Worried she should have been trying harder to rekindle their relationship, the woman asked the Reddit community is she should have tried harder.

Although people said her sister definitely could have acted better, relationships take work on both sides.

"I do think you have to work out what you want from this situation," one user replied.

"If you want a relationship with your sister, stop playing games. Contact her and ask to schedule a real conversation — either zoom or in person, full attention," anther suggested.

"You are at different stages in your lives and haven't been close for a long time, and unfortunately that means a relationship may take more work at first; but, I believe it could be very worth it, if she responds positively to a good, open conversation."