Inspiration: <i>Game of Thrones</i> characters Theon and Daenerys influenced parents in 2013, as did <i>Wreck-It Ralph</i>'s Vanellope.

Inspiration: Game of Thrones characters Theon and Daenerys influenced parents in 2013, as did Wreck-It Ralph's Vanellope.

American officials have released the list of names given to babies in the US in 2013 – and, as always, there are some doozies.

As predicted, TV shows and movies gave parents inspiration, with Game of Thrones characters ruling the pop culture roost. There were 1135 Aryas, 241 Khaleesis and 67 Daeneryses born in 2013 – as well as 15 Theons, eight Briennes, and five Robbs.

But Game of Thrones wasn’t the only fictional work inspiring parents: the name Vanellope, from animated film Wreck-It Ralph, was given to 63 baby girls.  

Parents are still getting creative when it comes to putting a modern twist on older names. While there are 5685 boys who were named Zachary (and six girls), there were also five each of Zaccari, Zacharey, Zackarie, Zacorey and Zacorie.

The idea of giving girls monikers that were traditionally seen as male continued, with the name Logan given to 704 girls (and 12,270 males), Tucker given to 16 girls (and 2220 males), and 14 girls named Andrew (in addition to the 11,568 male Andrews). It did sometimes go the other way too – there were 18 boys named Isabella.

The surname-as-first-name idea continues. For the boys, there were 121 Smiths, 62 Robinsons, 16 Barringtons, and nine Huntingtons. For the girls, there were 278 Campbells, 35 Andersons, and 12 Turners.

And can’t decide on just one first name for your baby? Do what several sets of parents did and combine two: 2013 saw the birth of boys called Johndavid (22), Ethanjames (10), and Jaxonjames (5), and girls named Audreyanna (16), Lunabella (16), and Charlotterose (five).  

Here are some other original names that appeared on the 2013 register. (NB: For privacy, the Social Security office only releases names that have been given to five or more babies in a particular year.) 


Charm (26)

Heiress (25)

Nyx (20)

Treazure (17)

Abcde (16)

Jurney (16)

Spring (16)

Beautifull (15)

Blimi (12)

Burklee (10)

Pistol (9)

Happiness (8)

Pemberley (8)

Envie (7)

Prim (7)

Rarity (7)

Avaa (6)

Charlemagne (6)

Kinzington (6)

Morningstar (6)

Prezlee (6)

Chosen (5)

Cymphony (5)

Fancy (5)

Ransom (5)

Rebelle (5)

Sierraleone (5)

Siqi (5)

Snowy (5)

Temprince (5)



Cross (44)

Holland (44)

Bless (22)

Freedom (17)

Coal (11)

Moo (11) 

Rydder (10)

Jceion (10)

Nox (9)

Hatch (8)

Tuf (8)

Lloyal (7)

Psalms (7)

Xzaiden (7)

Charger (6)

Forever (6)

Kyndle (6)

Lexus (6)

Power (6)

Warrior (6)

Boulder (5)

Gospel (5)

Kaptain (5)

Reason (5)

Subaru (5)

Trillion (5)

Vice (5)

Zam (5)

Zepplin (5)

Zurich (5)

For the full list, check out the Official Social Security Website.