'Might name a horse that': Mother-in-law leaves new mum in tears over baby name choice

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There's a fine line between a unique name for a baby and one that will be ridiculed in the playground.

One man, who is in the process of adopting a child with his wife, is finding the name they've chosen is already being mocked - by his own parents.

"I want to preface this by saying that I have always had an interest in philosophy and mythology," the man began the post to Reddit. "I am literally a name nerd.

"When I first read the name Nikiforos one-and-a-half years ago, I knew it would be that of my future child."

His mother, however, was not a fan of the plan, telling the couple "she might name a horse that, but not a child".

The couple were upset by the comment and explained they were thinking of using French spelling of the name.

"Nicephore. It's not pronounced 'nice' as in 'very nice'. The French way of saying it sounds like 'niece four'," the man wrote.

"We brought this up, hoping the reaction would be better. Mother then asked if the entire discussion was just a prank.

"My wife started crying at this point."

The dad-to-be tried to use his own name as an example when it came to the benefits of choosing an unusual name.
"My name is not so common, either (Devin) and people keep mishearing it," he claimed, adding he "honestly don't mind at all! So, I really don't think my kid will care about this."
"Either way, America is such a diverse country that I really don't think this is an issue."

Devin then went on to list his other choice, which is just as unusual as the first.

"My second favourite name (could also be a middle name!) is Didaskalos," he revealed. "It means teacher. This would honour my lovely wife, who is an elementary school teacher."

At this point, his father who had been "suspiciously quiet" throughout the discussion burst into laughter, jokingly adding it sounded like the sporting brand "Adidas".

"Then he noted that we could go with 'Nike' for a nickname, should we name the kid Nikiforos or Nicephore."

The man said he and his wife were so hurt by conversation that they have not spoken to his parents since.

He decided to instead asked reddit users what they thought of the situation, and they didn't hold back.

"As an elementary school teacher, your wife should especially know how brutal kids are to each other," one user warned. "With a name like Nikiforos, you're pretty much signing your kid up for constant teasing throughout school.

"Sure, it wasn't nice for your parents to mock you guys if you're serious about the name, because like you said, you're entitled to pick the name of your child.

"But that doesn't mean you aren't an a**hole if you give them a name that they will definitely get made fun of for."