Man refuses to name daughter after wife's late mother - Karen

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Photo: Getty Images 

If there's a name that's had a real fall from grace in 2020, it's Karen.

The once popular name has become synonymous with someone that that represents a "hostile and entitled white woman" - with the name being  turned into a meme and ridiculed online.

One father-to-be, aware if the stigma surrounding Karen, wrote to Reddit asking if he was in the wrong for wanting to veto the name for his baby, even though it was the name of his wife's late mother who passed away when she was just 14.

The man explained he and his wife "agreed that each of us will retain veto power" when discussing names, but this got complicated when they realised they each wanted to name their daughter after their late mothers.

"Her mum's name was Karen and my mum's name wasn't a meme," he said, quite matter of factly.  "I told her the baby can take my mum's name as her first name and her mum's name as a middle name, or have an entirely different name, but I can't okay 'Karen' as a first name in any case.

"She got offended because she just wants to honour her mother and thinks I have a problem with that. I just don't want to set our daughter up to be bullied throughout her life.

"I told her I'd be fine with whatever first name she picks as long as it doesn't lead to the baby being picked on later in life, but she's pretty insistent on Karen."

Redditers agreed the name could result in the man's daughter being teased, but also pointed out it is a "generational joke" and probably won't mean anything when she is older.

Thankfully, the Karen crisis was averted when the soon-to-be parents talked more about family names and realised both their mothers shared the same middle name -  Elizabeth.

"It seemed completely perfect to both of us so we're going with it," the man wrote.