Made-up baby names are on the rise: Jaspin and Maevery top the list

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Welcome to the world of made-up baby names.       

As many parents shun traditional monikers and it becomes more acceptable to use extremely unusual names no one has ever heard of, parents are increasingly making up their own.

A UK survey by ChannelMum of 1,772 parents has revealed that 65 per cent are considering using a distinctive name.

A staggering 94 per cent of participants said that making up baby names is set to explode in coming years, with names such as Tovin, Evabeth, Faelina and Wrenlow touted as top contenders.

Baby name expert SJ Strum said, "Shakespeare invented many names that have stood the test of time like Imogen and Jessica. Now the social media boom means we are all writers and publishers, so parents are making up baby names that gives their child a unique start in life."

New baby name trends

Not only are parents more likely to choose an unusual name, they are also increasingly wanting a gender-neutral moniker, especially when it comes to daughters.

Experimenting with name-smushes to come up with a completely individual name is on track to becoming the next big thing among new parents, with increasing numbers of original baby names registered every year.

Strum explained, "In the online world, being 'discoverable' by your name is increasingly important and we're seeing more names registered than ever before.

She added, "Maevery, with its strong V and AE sound, is bang on trend with the top two girl names Olivia and Amelia so I think it will become popular.


For boys, "Ranger is a great outdoorsy occupational name and with Hunter being a top riser of last year, hipsters will be looking to Ranger as the new cool name – but with a more plant based ethic."

Here's the top 20 according to the survey.

Top made-up names for girls

  1. Maevery
  2. ​Faelina
  3. Idalia
  4. Evabeth
  5. ​Tessadora
  6. ​Anaveah
  7. ​Jessalie
  8. ​Sylvalie
  9. ​Sophiel
  10. ​Elisobelle

Top made-up names for boys

  1. Jaspin
  2. ​Charleston
  3. Brigham
  4. Ranger
  5. Wrenlow
  6. ​Eastley
  7. ​Graylen
  8. ​Albion
  9. Tovin
  10. ​Cedar