'Made my life unnecessarily complicated': the argument against 'unusual' baby names

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When it comes to baby names, unique names are an increasingly popular choice. But how unusual is too unusual?

That is something one woman wants new parents to consider when choosing a moniker for their baby - for the sake of the adult their child will grow to be. 

"I have a unique first name that was made up by hippie parents," the disgruntled woman wrote on Reddit in a post called Stop giving your kids weird names!.

 "They literally made it up. They thought they were being original and new age, but they only made my life unnecessarily complicated."

The woman said she's been embarrassed about her name since she could remember.

"From the time I was old enough to say my name I got weird looks and was embarrassed and shy when people laughed at my name,"she explained.  "There was no good explanation either, they just thought it sounded cool."

The Reddit user, who didn't disclose their name due to privacy reasons, said that explaining their name to new people was exhausting.

"Yes, it's a unique name, no I don't know what it means, I'm glad you like it but you only say that because you have a normal one," they complained.

The mysterious Reddit poster said she even goes as far as to give a "normal" made-up name when they're at a restaurant or café, before driving home their point of unusual names being more trouble then they're worth.


"So before you pat yourself on the back for that cute name you invented, just remember little Chinchilla, Uniquaua, or Papillion will be an adult someday and have to live with it," they urged.

The post sparked thousands of responses, with Redditers sharing their own stories of weird names.

"One of the families who live near me who have four kids. They named these kids Mayhem, Chaos, Riot and Destruction," one user wrote.

"People out there giving their kids these ridiculous names like I name my Neopets," another commenter laughed. "But worse!"

Other users offered unusual spellings over what would be otherwise "normal" names.

Although not all users were critical of the names they'd heard.

"I have a cousin named Rex Goliath," one wrote. "If I'm being totally honest, I'm jealous of his bad ass name."