‘It was inappropriate’: Woman furious after friend hijacks her baby shower

The woman was furious after her baby shower was taken over by her friend.
The woman was furious after her baby shower was taken over by her friend.  Photo: Getty Images

A pregnant woman is furious after her friend 'hijacked' her baby shower by announcing her own pregnancy and shifting all the attention to her.

Explaining the situation on Reddit, the woman said her friend Chloe had been married for three years and in that time had been trying to fall pregnant -  before finally deciding to turn to fertility treatments.

The Redditer said she always wanted to be a mother, but as she didn't have a partner, decided to use a sperm donor. Fortunately, she fell pregnant straight away. 

"When this happened, I was very careful with Chloe," explained the 28-year-old. "She was one of the first people I told and told her I had no expectations of her being there for me, as I know it could be hard."

"She told me no, she wanted to support me and be in my corner. I told her if she needed to walk away at any point, I'd understand."

A friend of the pair threw the original poster a baby shower via Zoom and all was going well until Chloe got emotional and said she had something to tell everyone.

"She then announces that part of her gift to me is that my daughter will have a playmate," the incredulous woman wrote. "She then said that she was pregnant."

The woman was upset by the way her friend handled the situation.

The woman was upset by the way her friend handled the situation. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

"After that, the entire shower became about her," she complained. "People fussing over her, asking questions and being overall excited. I was too and congratulated her but felt like it was inappropriate."


After the baby shower Chloe messaged her, excited about her pregnancy.

"I matched the enthusiasm, offering to send her doubles of anything I got," said the woman. "But then it came to the end of the conversation and she asked if I was okay."

"I was honest and said I felt her announcement was inappropriate and took the spotlight away from me," she continued adding that she could've easily told us separately.

"Chloe said she thought it was cute and I said 'it was but I'm only ever going to have one kid. How would you have felt if I had hijacked your shower?'"

Friends of the woman are now accusing her of not being happy for Chloe, saying she's being selfish and insensitive.

"Am I being an a-- here?" She asked the Reddit community. "I feel bad for Chloe but I got 15 minutes of a shower and the rest was basically dedicated to her."

Reddit users assured the original poster that she had every right to be annoyed.

"It's bewildering how many AITA posts deal with people who hijack proposals, marriages, parties, etc and think they're right to do this," one user wrote. "You don't steal someone else's moment even if it is with good intentions."

"It's just downright tacky to do that," agreed another. "Surely your friend can just wait to tell people, and not steal the spotlight from you"

"Rule number one of baby shower club," joked another user. "Don't hijack someone else's shower."