I'm worried she'll get bullied: should man warn friends about their chosen baby name?

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We've all heard "if you can't say anything nice, don't say it at all" - but does it apply to bad baby names? One man has posted to Reddit seeking an answer to that question.  

The man is concerned the name his close friends have chosen for their unborn daughter will result in bullying, and has asked reddit users if he should say something to the couple.

Detailing that the pair met at a Comic-Con event several years ago, he described his friends as "really mature people" which is what confused him about their name choice.

"They value things like compromising and apologising and honestly I hope I can have a relationship like theirs one day," the concerned friend wrote. "However, it's because of their maturity I was pretty floored by what they want to name their daughter who is due in a fortnight."

The name in question you may ask?

Annie Mae, after Anime, the traditional Japanese cartoon style.

"They felt that the two traditional names would mask the true meaning, whilst reflecting how they met like a little 'easter egg' sort of thing," he explained, admitting he does agree the names are traditional enough to mask the Anime association and that he's not sure he would have even noticed if they hadn't pointed it out. 

Most people thought the name was adorable.

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"I really don't want to upset two excited soon-to-be parents over absolutely nothing, but I worry this could get her picked on once people her age could make the connection.


"They were both abysmally bullied in high school and I want to protect this loveable, wholesome family with every fibre of my being."

"So Reddit, WIBTA? (Would I Be the A—hole)?"

Reddit users were quick to comment, with most saying they thought the man was overreacting about his friends' chosen baby name.

"It's a very cute name with special meaning for the family, especially if Mae is only used as a middle name and not part of the first name," one person wrote.

"Let them have their joy and their little family secret. There's many worse things they could do, like name their kid X AE A-12," another, quite rightly, pointed out.

"No one will be able to tell," assured another. "Nobody's going to pick on her for that. It's not going to hurt anyone"

"Though I would never have made the connection to anime on my own" another said, declaring "Annie Mae is adorable!"