'I'm not ready': Woman's fury after in-laws give her a pregnancy test for Christmas

She was frustrated with her husband's reaction.
She was frustrated with her husband's reaction. Photo: Getty Images

As a woman, sometimes there is an immense pressure to have children, often from parents or in-laws.

One woman is furious after her mother-in-law gave her a highly inappropriate gift - basically telling her to hurry up and have children.

Explaining on a Reddit post that her and her husband moved to a new house over the holidays and asked for no gifts and gift cards instead due to the move. However, her mother and father-in-law didn't respect this, stopping by to give her a holiday gift.

"She does not like to give gift cards or money for gifts for some reason," the woman said. "Inside the gift was two pregnancy tests, a teddy bear dressed as a baby, and a calendar for tracking cycles."

"I was very surprised when I open the gift," the woman said, explaining she and her husband have talked about kid but don't feel ready yet.

The woman said she's not ready for children.

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"He is the oldest of his siblings and is the only without kids," she continued. "His mother is impatient; she always asks when we will give her more grandkids."

"This is such a useless "gift" and is not appreciated," she complained. "I feel pressured to have babies by her so often."

Deciding not to let her mother-in-law get away with the pointed gift, she told her they won't be using them anytime soon, so the gift should be returned.


"She was upset of course but said I keep them "just in case" and it feels like she is undermining me again," she wrote. "I threw away the tests and toy and calendar after they left."

Despite being upset about the gift (and the pressure that came with it), the woman's husband thinks she over reacted.

"His mother thinks I was disrespectful denying the gift like I did, she does not know I threw them away," she said. "My husband tried to get the gifts from the trash as we might use them later on, but I said no leave them there, and he thinks I am wrong and wasteful for what I am doing."

Although the woman doubted herself, Redditers assured she did not overreact.

"This is way beyond overstepping. This is... over jumping and then grabbing a plane and speeding ahead through a black hole to an alternate universe where such behaviour would still be inappropriate," one user said in disbelief.

"Your MIL is disrespectful, and this behaviour is disgusting," they continued. "Your husband also needs to step up and tell his mother to back off. Telling you you're overreacting is both untrue and enabling her to do something similar in the future."