'I'm drawing the line': Mother-in-law changes baby's name 'because she doesn't like it'

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A new mother is fuming after her mother-in-law announced the name of her baby on Facebook, before she had a chance to do it herself.

The kicker though? She told everyone the newborn has a different name from the one his parents had decided on, simply because she didn't like it.

Sharing on Reddit, the woman said her and her MIL (mother-in-law) had never gotten along.

"All throughout my pregnancy she referred to my baby as 'her baby' and 'her grand baby. She very vocally disliked every single name I thought about," she explained.

"Well he was born on the 28th, she made a post before I could...and announced his name as something completely different from his actual name."

"My cousin saw it and asked what that was about, so I explained that she hates his name.

"My cousin decided to comment 'congrats OP (original poster) and so on the beautiful baby Emile (his real name)' and Mil deleted her comment."

However, the woman's partner doesn't see the issue, arguing the name is "just a nickname" the grandmother gave him.

"But the name isn't even similar to his real name, she didn't mention his real name and she deleted a comment with his real name," the new mum said desperately.


"Plus, he's three days old, he can't really have a nickname yet... she hasn't met him because of lockdown.

"I feel very disrespected. I'm not sure what to do?"

The woman updated her Reddit post to say her MIL changed her Facebook announcement to include her grandson's full name, after her son had a word to her about it.

"She changed her post to say 'blah blah blah stuff about being a grandma.. 'lil baby Emile aka Miles Alexander'," she said. 

The new mum wasn't satisfied with the update.

"I over looked her dismissing my names before he was born, and I've still sent pictures and updates every day since he's been born. This is where I'm drawing my line," she said firmly.

Reddit users praised the woman for standing up for herself.

"Well done for sticking up for yourself and your son's name," commented one user.

Others warned the OP to tread carefully, saying she should make the boundaries very clear with her MIL now, to avoid another situation like this in the future.

"You need to put your foot down. If you don't do it now, she will continue to overstep her boundaries," pointed out a Redditer.

Others came up with some creative solutions for the new mum.

"[If or] When you opt to speak to her again, if she calls your son by her decided name, just keep saying "Who?" until she gets the point on how ridiculous she's being," suggested one user, with many others suggesting similar tactics.