Baby name fail: 'I have a unique name and I hate it with my entire being'

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Giving a baby a unique name can be a hit and miss affair. Will they grow up to love and embrace the unique moniker you've chosen for them?

It's something you can't know in advance and there's a chance that if it's too 'out there' your child could hate it.

That definitely the case for one woman who has taken to Reddit to air her grievances about her incredibly unusual name.

"My name is Ethereal. Yes, Ethereal. Growing up teachers would always giggle when they heard it and it made me feel self conscious so I went by Ethy for the most part," she wrote.

She continued, "When I was in middle school, it was one of our vocab words and everyone laughed. I asked my parents why they named me an adjective and my mum said she loves the meaning and pronunciation."

But she doesn't use it, regardless, explaining, "Everyone in my personal and professional life calls me Ethy, and I've been considering changing it to that legally. Ethereal is just too much. I'm too introverted for that name."

Redditors chimed in with their support for Ethy.

"It's something I wanted to name my future kid when I was sixteen. That and Blueberry. I'm so sorry for you."

Another has a suggestion.


"You could change it to Ethel or Ethena... and still go by Ethy?"

The OP doesn't see the point, however.

"Those names are beautiful, but if anything I would change it to just Ethy."

Another can totally relate, but says it's frowned up on in Spain to change a birth name.

"I also have a 'unique name', plus in my country (Spain) is even more rare to have a unique name than in 'individualist' USA. And also hate it."

The they reveal what they really think about unique names, writing, "Strange names should be reserved for pets (cause they don't care), giving your child 'Stephen' or 'Mary' won't harm him/her. Names are forever and if it must be your child's name, parents must not project their inner desires or frustrations on the baby's name. A baby with a unique name could be cool and cute, but babies grow up, become adults and so on..."

This person responds, "There are actually studies done that people with "unique" names end up more ostracised and likely to end up with criminal history. I guess theres a fine balance between slightly unusual names and psycho ones."

This person posits an intriguing question, proving even people with common names can hate what they're called.

"I'm also from Spain and I'm on the opposite spectrum: I have one of the most common names for my demographic (just think about how many Lauras do you know) and I hate it as well. Do you think the place were you live can affect the way people react to your name?"

Another writes, "This reminds me a lot of my friends daughter's name, Gethsemane. She goes by Grace. Ethereal and Gethsemane are both very beautiful names but definitely elicit a giggly response."

Another is horrified.

"'Gethsemane', as in the name of the place where Jesus had the agony in the garden (where he sweated blood before he was arrested the night before his crucifixion)?! Why on earth would they name their child that?" 

"It's something I wanted to name my future kid when I was sixteen. That and Blueberry. I'm so sorry for you."

The responses are numerous and make for an interesting read, but this particular person sums up what many would think.

"While I love a unique name... I love a unique NAME not a word that someone just decides to use as a name (like... Apple). I'm sorry you've had this experience with your name... it goes to show you can never predict the personality of your child!"