'I burst out laughing': Aunty worried for baby nephew named after Pokemon character

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It's not uncommon to take inspiration from favourite TV shows or books when looking for baby names, but one woman has taken childhood nostalgia to the next level.

"My sister gave birth to her son last week," a concerned new aunty posted to Reddit. "When I went to the hospital to see her and my nephew she told me that she has named him 'Pika' after Pikachu ... because her boyfriend was obsessed with Pokémon when he was younger.

"I couldn't help but burst out in laughter because it sounded so ridiculous," she confessed, saying her sister was furious with her reaction and couldn't see why she thought it was funny.

"I told her straight up that Pika is the most horrible name I have ever heard, and her son is probably going to get bullied for the rest of his life.

"Now she isn't talking to me because I apparently 'disrespected' my nephew."

The woman asked fellow Redditors if she was wrong for wanting her nephew to "have a normal name".

 "I'm honestly in disbelief that she genuinely wants to name her son that."

Redditers thought the concerns were completely valid.

"Funny/cute names is something you can give to your pet, not a living human having to survive with other people," one person commented.


"That poor nephew is going to be putting Pika on his resume when he's in his 20s," joked another. "The rest of the resume will read special skills: proficient in Excel, Word, volt tackle, thunder."

Others pointed out that 'Pika' can mean different things.

"LOLOLOLOL for me that name 100x funnier because in my country, pika is one of the MANY words we have to say d**k, literally It means penis," one user said.

"If this kid and his family ever come to my country, they would get SO bullied."

"Everyone is gonna be telling him I CHOOSE YOU for the rest of his life," laughed another.