Getting ready for a new baby: your checklist

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As an expectant mum, there are so many things to consider and organise before your baby arrives. Honestly, it can be hard to know where to start. But by making a list and working your way through it, things can seem less daunting.

Here we provide you with some considerations to help you on the way. 

Organising your baby's room

It's highly likely that you'll have started nesting, and what better place to start than in the baby's room?

Having a good clean out will make you feel productive, while choosing a theme, furniture and layout is fun. 

Consider things like the essentials that you need to buy, the most effective way to organise the room for feeding, changing and settling the baby, and what budget you need to stick to.

Also think about safety requirements, ensuring that no furniture can be tipped over, no uncovered plug sockets are within reach and no blind cords present a strangulation risk. Your baby won't be able to reach these for a while, but it's best to start thinking about safety right from the start.



While it may feel too early to think about it just yet, the reality is that childcare is in high demand. Therefore, if you're planning on returning to work, looking at your options early really does pay off.

Most childcare centres will have a waitlist, with some even requiring you to sign up a year in advance to secure a place, so you need to be one step ahead of the game.

Visit as many childcare centres or family daycares as you can and register your interest with those you like. Be prepared to pay deposits for those with extra long waitlists and don't be afraid to sign up to a few.

Buying a new car

For many expectant couples, buying a new car rates highly on their list of priorities, as their current model may not be too practical (think 2-door cars, or sporty models with very limited boot space) or may not have the latest safety features.

When choosing the right family car it's a good idea to commence investigating early. Start by determining your budget, the size of car that will be ideal to fit one or potentially two car seats in, and what style you'd like: a sedan, an SUV?

From there, consider things like storage space, the safety rating, interior design,  and boot space on the cars you have short listed.

Taking a car out for a test drive will help you with your final decision-making. It will also provide a good opportunity to test how easy it is to insert and remove a child seat, check how low the windows are for a child to see out, and to assess the locations of drink storage holders, and rear heating and cooling vents.

Buying the necessities

While there are many things that you can buy as an expectant mum, there are only a few that are truly essential. 

Among these are cots, strollers/baby carriers, and car seats.

A good idea is to visit a large baby store to get an overview of what's available and what might work for you. 

On a stroller, consider things like the weight, ease of manoeuvrability, safety, and closing and opening functions. Likewise, consider these things as well as size and age appropriateness of a car seat.

To be extra confident that your car seat is fitted correctly into your car, ask a store member for a demonstration or take it along to be checked by a qualified and registered organisation.

Baby names

Choosing a baby name can be one of the hardest things to do, so there's no harm in starting early. 

Use baby books and websites for inspiration, or make a list of your top five names and then compare with your partner's for any double-ups – or ones to avoid.

Also think about whether or not you want to use a family name, how the name sounds when repeated many times – you will be doing this a lot in the years to come – and how it fits with your surname.

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